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Useful links about the hardware and software I use to make my pictures. Other links I like and visit regularly for their content or their superb photographs. To add a link, your own gallery or suggest any interesting add-on to this page, use the contact form.

Software (panorama and photograph)

PTGUI Paris links PTGUI
PTGui is panoramic stitching software for Windows and Mac OSX. Originally developed as a Graphical User Interface for Panorama Tools, PTGui now is a full featured photo stitching application...
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Autodesk Stitcher Paris links AUTODESK STITCHER
Aimed at professional photographers, multimedia artists and photography enthusiasts worldwide, REALVIZ Stitcher enables the creation of high-quality, professional-level panoramas in just a few clicks...
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Kekus PTMAC Paris links KEKUS PTMAC
PTMac is a robust front-end for creating panoramas using the powerful Panorama Tools library. PTMac supports all popular input images...
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Autopano Paris links AUTOPANO
Welcome to the world of Autopano Pro, a world where photography assumes its rightful place, where more time is spent in the field than sitting in front of a computer screen...
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Click Here Design Paris links CLICK HERE DESIGN
We have been developing a number of software programs to enhance the tools on offer for people working with interactive panorama technologies. CubicConverter, CubicConnector, CubicNavigator...
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Immervision Paris links IMMERVISION
ImmerVision is a digital imaging company specialized in 360°. It offers a core technology perfectly adapted to panoramic imagery. Java viewer, Flash viewer...
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Krpano Paris links KRPANO
krpano - is a small, versatile and high-performance viewer for interactive 3D panoramas on the web. It is based on the cross platform Adobe Flash Player...
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Hardware (panorama and photograph)

360 Precision Paris links 360 PRECISION
Professional panoramic tripod head for virtual tours, real estate tours, professional photographers, HDRi, CGI matte backdrops...
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Nodal Ninja Paris links NODAL NINJA
Nodal Ninja is a specially designed spherical tripod head allowing the photographer to adjust a camera/lens “entrance pupil” (aka nodal point) exactly over its correct rotational axis...
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Manfrotto Paris links MANFROTTO
Professional Camera and Lighting Supports for the Photographic, panoramic, Broadcast and Entertainment Industries...
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Canon EOS Paris links CANON
Cameras, digital cameras, Eos system, lens manufacturer...
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Click Here Design Paris links NIKON
Cameras, digital cameras, lens manufacturer...
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Guides and reviews websites

Panoguide Paris links PANOGUIDE
This guide aims to reveal the secrets of good panoramic photography and to help amateurs and professionals alike create the very best panoramic images not just for use on websites but also for CD or print too...
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DPreview Paris links DP-REVIEW
Digital Photography Review is an independent resource dedicated to the provision of news, reviews and information about Digital Photography and Digital Imaging...
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QTbridge Paris links QT BRIDGE
Ce site est dédié à QuickTime de la société Apple et plus particulièrement aux films QuickTime interactifs. [fr] [us]...
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Panoramas dk Paris links DK PANORAMAS features Full Screen Quicktime VR from the worlds best VR Photographers...
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Galleries and personal websites

360bilder by Bernd Dohrmann Paris links 360BILDER
360bilder by Bernd Dohrmann. ”See the world in one view with 360 degrees...” (Fantastically simple panoramas and pure poetry - Eric)
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Photosig Paris links PHOTOSIG
PhotoSIG is a community of photographers and photography enthusiasts, ranging from amateurs to working professionals...
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Michel Thoby Michel Thoby MICHEL THOBY
My wish is to share my experience on topics that I think usefull to those who stiches panoramas from photographies for pleasure or for a living.
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Mickael Therer Paris links 360 DAYS - MICKAEL THERER
I’m mickael therer, a pano-photographer living somewhere in Belgium and 360 days is my playground, a place meant to hold all the QTVR I exercise with...
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Peter Murphy Paris links PETER MURPHY
Full screen panoramas and Quicktime VR, Australia, Sidney...
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Budapest 360 Paris links BUDAPEST 360
Panoramas, QuicktimeVR, books, etc. Everything you need to see in Budapest...
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Arnaud Frich Paris links ARNAUD FRICH
Photos gallery and panoramas about Paris, techniques and hardwares [fr]...
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Ecliptique Paris links ECLIPTIQUE
Full screen panoramas and Quicktime VR about Paris [fr]...
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Miscellaneous Paris links PARIS.ORG
A collection of everything regarding the City of Light...
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Tour Eiffel official site Paris links TOUR-EIFFEL.FR
The official website of the Eiffel tower...
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Apple computer Paris links APPLE INC
Computers, Power Macintosh, Intel, iMac, Powerbook, Macbook Mac OS X, iPhone, softwares...
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Chateaux and Country Paris links CHATEAUX AND COUNTRY
The French Chateaux Guide. Discover over 600 Châteaux. (Virtual visits, movies, etc)...
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Eiffel tower News Paris links PARIS EIFFEL TOWER NEWS is a content-oriented Paris guide. It aims at helping English-speaking people to discover the City of Lights...
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All photographs are copyright "Eric Rougier /". Please, do not to use without written authorization.
The pyramid of the Louvre museum: Leoh Ming Pei, architect. "La Geode": Adrien Fainsilber, architect.
The "Grande Arche": Otto van Spreckelsen, architect. Bibliotheque Nationale de France: Dominique Perrault, architect.
Lighting of the Eiffel Tower is copyright "Societe Nouvelle d'Exploitation de la Tour Eiffel".
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